Top Teeth Daylily in a five year period 2003-2008 by Mike Holmes on the Daylily Teeth Blog

tooth seedling2 Top Teeth Daylily in a five year period 2003 2008 by Mike Holmes on the Daylily Teeth Blog

New Teeth Daylily Seedling, Mike Holmes

A question that often comes up is, “What teeth daylily has made the most hybridizing impact in recent history?” To qualify for my evaluation, the daylily has to be a 2003 to a 2008 introduction and has had to been viewed as “nice” in my garden.  Finalist daylilies include,  ALAN LANE AGIN, REAP THE WHIRL WIND, SEE ME FEEL ME TOUCH ME, EIGHT MILES HIGH, WILD HAIR, BASS GIBSON, RANDY STEPHENS, MALCOLM BROOKER SR. and VENUS FLY TRAP. I grow each of these daylilies so I have first hand knowledge of plant habit in zone 5.  Since we’ve discussed each of these daylilies in previous articles, I’ll focus more on their hybridizing virtues as opposed to the genetics. And then I’ll let you know the winner by mid-January…..  ALAN LANE AGIN up first of the next daylily teeth blog….

Mike Holmes

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