Venus Fly Trap, Jamie Gossard, 2003-2008 ,On the Daylily Teeth Blog

Venus Flytrap Venus Fly Trap, Jamie Gossard, 2003 2008 ,On the Daylily Teeth Blog

Venus Fly Trap, Dave Mussar garden photo









Diviners Handbook x Venus Flytrap Venus Fly Trap, Jamie Gossard, 2003 2008 ,On the Daylily Teeth Blog

Diviner's-Handbook-x-Venus-Flytrap, Michael Georges seedling

Welcome back! I’ve been busy rebuilding the Region 2 AHS daylily site. . Between working on all of my other AHS volunteer projects and my personal responsibilities, my Blog time has been greatly reduced. But tonight I would like to recommend another top 2003-2008 teeth daylily. Venus Fly Trap, hybridized by Jamie Gossard.  As many of you know , Jamie is a close friend and associate so I’d venture to say I know and understand his program only second to Jamie himself.  Venus Fly Trap (Order or Chaos x Shinto Etching) x ( Forestlake Ragamuffin x Heavenly Beginnings). Venus Fly Trap is registered as a dormant but in our garden it is a hardy evergreen. Venus Fly Trap has many positive qualities that make this daylily the one of the best Gossard teeth introductions to date. The strengths are found in its tall (34 inches) well branched scape and budcount. Surprising Jamie lists Venus Fly Trap with just a 20 budcount but in our garden it is closer to 30 budcount. The weakness that I’ve observed in V.F.T. is like many purples, the color fades and the substance weakens in the afternoon. But as an easy opener, re-bloomer, and fertile both ways combined with the listed positive qualities makes this daylily a top bagel purple teeth introduction from 2003-2008. Dave Mussar sent me over an image of V.F.T. displaying white nice teeth way up north in Canada. I am still happy to use this daylily in our hybridizing program.


Mike Holmes on the daylily teeth blog


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