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Thanks you for visiting our website. 2010 has been another busy year at Riverbend Daylily Garden. Our newest seedlings bloomed in early June, almost two weeks early, but we still had bloom well into August. This summer seedlings were lots of kids from my earlier patterned seedlings. Many eight and nine inch seedlings had very interested eyezones.

The second year bloom kept me smiling for weeks. The Wanda Evans kids had great size, form and color. This bed included the second generation T. Skinwalker kids. I used about eight of the T. Skinwalker kids as pollen parents and am very happy with their offspring. For the second year, I manage to set UF pods on Mike’s toothy seedlings. Next summer, I should get to see how all those crosses from last year turn out. We selected from this bed this fall so next summer they will bloom in clumps. If you can join us for the Northern Mecca next summer, you can tell us which ones you like.

Seed collection is almost done. A few lates and reblooming daylilies still have pods, but with the weather cooling off they should be ready really soon. We thought that seed production would be way down, but the refrigerator looks really full. Guess I’ll know for sure when I start to sort them in November.

Kimberly McCutcheon, Pretty Petals Garden, has been working with us for several years. This summer she moved into her own space in the garden. We cleared a tree line and Kim moved to the back field. Her new seedling field and all her display beds are now in her own space. Unfortunately, I’ve filled up the space that she abandoned. Most of my 2012 lineouts are done. A few more select seedling clumps need to be move and the final mulching of the fall completed. It’s almost time to end the season and settle in to look at pictures and update presentations. The social season is almost upon us. The Shirley Farmer Midwest Hybridizer’s Meeting is in November, we get a break for the holidays, and in January all the great winter symposiums begin. That should get us to April and time to start all over again in the fields. Contact Sandy at

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