DR. STUMP , Larry Grace 2012 Introduction on the daylily teeth blog

dr stump2 DR. STUMP , Larry Grace 2012 Introduction on the daylily teeth blog

Dr. Stump , Photo by Mike Holmes

Well by now you may know why Larry Grace has placed a legitimate claim to the Dentist  Award for 2012.  It has been  hard to keep a good toothy secret. But  his long awaited 271-8 (MALCOLM BROOKER SR. x FANTASTIC FRINGE) is being released. From this point on 271-8 is to be known as “DR. STUMP”, after the Grace’s personal  dentist.  Larry feels like DR.STUMP ranks at the top of his most important introductions. The daylily has a stately garden presence and also is a hybridizers dream. The scape stands at 34″ and is a solid rebloomer.  DR. STUMP sets pod and is pollen fertile. Larry has used DR.STUMP to clean up brown and mauve tones in his hybridizing. While we don’t know much about the parentage of FANTASTIC FRINGE, we do know F.F. throws beautiful scapes.  DR.STUMP has a beautiful scape. MALCOLM BROOKER SR. is a cross of (FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN x HL16). HL16 is a cross of (Larry Grace x Tetra Helena Louisa). MALCOLM BROOKER SR. lends itself  fine clean color and a nice saw tooth edge on both the petals and sepals. Larry has offered to show a few of the seedlings he has bloomed from DR. STUMP at the bottom of his introduction. These seedlings  are NICE!

In case you missed my previous blog on ” Jamie Gossard, the E.F. Hutton Of Daylilies”, and don’t know who E.F. Hutton is, John Benz called and offered a you tube video on E.F. Hutton.  John said check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PwP1EjaBik

Larry’s intros can be seen at www.gracelandgardens.com . If you can’t reach Larry at that address you can see him temporarily at http://www.daylilytrader.com/graceland/

Mike Holmes , on the daylily teeth blog

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