Dr. Robert Grant-Downtown, Part 3 on the Daylily Teeth Blog

superredhawk Dr. Robert Grant Downtown, Part 3 on the Daylily Teeth Blog
Super Redhawk, John Benz, 2011

Dr. Robert Grant-Downtown picking up from Part 2,

“Putting this all together, this may be an excellent clue as to how to generate new colours in such structures. By crossing in toothy lines to those which have been selected specifically for pigmentation deep into the throat and in the filaments, I’d expect such pigmentation to be expressed in the edge structures too. In essence, hybridisers have already selected for variations where the existing identity of one part of the flower is expressed ectopically, in a new place and time in development in the flower. Hopefully, by knowing that this is the mechanism, it can be exploited effectively to generate further innovations. Cheers, Robert ”

“SUPER REDHAWK is proving an extraordinary parent…. I was amazed that every seedling had shark’s teeth and about half of them are introductory quality”. John Benz

I’ll be back Monday morning on the Daylily Teeth Blog.  Thanks to Dr Grant-Downtown and John Benz.


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