BLACK HORNS by John Benz on the daylily teeth blog

blackhorns BLACK HORNS by John Benz on the daylily teeth blog


Hi all, It’s been a while since I’ve made my last blog post.  After speaking with my good friend John Benz this afternoon, he encouraged me to get back at blogging ASAP. We talked for a while and there was a lot on his mind about daylily teeth and the direction they are heading. John likes “large”. So he is partial to teeth daylilies with taller scapes and large flowers and big teeth. His 2011 BLACK HORNS is his favorite tooth daylily to date that has been introduced. It has three doses of Tetra Spindazzle in it, two doses of Forestlake Ragamuffin and a dose of Startle(lots of dormancy). Leading  daylily expert, Jeff Salter while visiting John Benz said “he’d only dreamed of the teeth the size on BLACK HORNS”.  He had to have it.  While BLACK HORNS isn’t black, the name was derived from Jamie Gossard referring to it as a darker “HORNS”.  Of course Jamie HAD to have it. I’ve personally seen and grow kids out of BLACK HORNS and would rate it as being very important for producing introductions for hybridizers.

Mike Holmes

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