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A reader posed the question about SHARK’S TOOTH in the Genetics of FORTUNES DEAREST.

If I am understanding it correctly, then 1/16 of a daylily would significantly add significant “pattern” breeding value in a cross where 1/2 the genetics are the product of an F2 (self) cross?

Depends on what it is crossed to and what you are after. A concept behind F2′s(sib) is to create opportunities for the recessive traits to appear and other traits to maginify themselves. A self cross as you desribe is different in that it has less genetic diversity. So actually a selfing a desired recessive trait shown would be a good idea. Especially if all the other sibs were different.  

Studying the line breeding all the way up to MARILYN MORSS JOHNSON, it was Mort, continually selecting patterns that produced this extreme patterned daylily.

Can you take FORTUNE’S DEAREST or better yet ALAN LANE AGIN and back cross it to MARILYN MORSS JOHNSON and get protruding patterned teeth? Can you take the line bred daylily MARILYN MORSS JOHNSON and cross it into a self color and get a first generation pattern? The anwser to the first question, I haven’t seen any yet. But I sure am going to try.  The second question, definatley yes. I already seen them.


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