FORTUNE’S DEAREST, The final cross on the Daylily Teeth Blog

Gilded Knight2 FORTUNES DEAREST, The final cross on the Daylily Teeth Blog

Gilded Knight, Morss

I’ve been busy over the last week with Snow plowing and working on the new AHS portal website.

With one look at the image of SHARK’S TOOTH you’ll understand why FORTUNE’S DEAREST will produce patterns. So here is the complete cross of FORTUNE’S DEAREST. It is followed with SHARK’S TOOTH as the remaining daylily in the crosss.

Mort’s Magic x Sib to Mort’s Magic F2) x (Cool Jazz x Dream Express)

  • Mort’s magic = ((Nile Flower × Montage) X Holiday Frills)
    • Nile Flower(Moldovan) = (sdlg × Tet Magic Robe)
    • Holiday Frills = (Chicago Knobby × Dance Ballerina Dance)


  • Montage = (Ruwenzori × Chicago Mist) (Incorrectly registered as Kirchhoff, but Kevin has been advised that it is a Morss)
      • Ruwenzori = Mauve lavender edged ivory with purple eyezone and cream throat (Munson didn’t list parentage)
      • Chicago Mist (Marsh didn’t list parentage)
  • Cool Jazz = (Windsor Watermark × (Tet Sari × Tet Nagasaki) (later registered as Royal Fanfare)
    • Windsor Watermark = (Munson line bred – no parentage given)
    • Sari = (Persian Palace × Prairie Horizon)
    • Nagasaki = (((sdlg × Dorothy Lambert) × Double Cutie) X Keth Kennon)
  • DREAM EXPRESS = ((Zinfandel × Ming Porcelain) × Fantasy Finish) 

Fantasy Finish parentage =[(Disraeli x (King's Cloak x Meadow Mistic) x Chicago Two Bits) X Chicago Picotee Queen)] x Shark’s Tooth

SHARK’S TOOTH= ((Charles Hamil × (Knave × Bold Baron)) × Chicago Knobby)

Image at Dave’s Garden

New daylilies to the genetics are:

BOLD BARON Peck, Dormant, (sdlg x Tetra. Catherine Woodbery)

Purple self

Catherine Woodbery , Childs, Dormant Dip

Image at Dave’s Garden

Tomorrow I’ll get back with you on the Teeth Blog as we break down the  full cross.  Image sent over by David Kirchoff  out of a FORTUNE’S DEAREST cross, GILDED KNIGHT.


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