Define Daylily Teeth, Knobs, Tenacles, Hair, Fangs?

rskid Define Daylily Teeth, Knobs, Tenacles, Hair, Fangs?

Are these Teeth or Fangs

A reader writes “Hi Mike, I have reading your website and am wondering what creates teeth on daylilies.  Are they broken ruffles?  I’ve seen some teeth on daylilies which do not have toothy parents so I am wondering about it. I also wanted to know if toothy cultivars are lower bud counts.  What are tentacles and knobs?”

Kathy J. 

Wilmington DE

Hello Kathy, your questions have not as of yet been defined in the AHS terms dictionary. They are referenced under Edges. So I am  asking the daylily teeth readers to help define TEETH, KNOBS,HOOKS, FRINGE, TENTACLES, HAIR, and FANGS with images and  definitions. I spoke with Mary Collier Fisher, American Hemerocallis Society President and she has Ok’d me to begin the process to officially work on definitions. The completed definitions will be subject to review by the  AHS Scientific Committee. 

Readers, we will work our way through TEETH, KNOBS,HOOKS, FRINGE, TENTACLES, HAIR, and FANGS. Let’s first start with teeth. Please send me over images of daylilies you believe to be teeth daylilies or combination with a few word on what is teeth?

Kathy I am going to ask one of the readers to also describe what is going on with Teeth. Are they broken ruffles?

As many of you know I have been working on the AHS portal. The work for me on it is nearing completion so I’ll be spending time on the Daylily Teeth blog this Spring. Hopefully with fresh teeth images as I see them or as readers send in.

Email your images with description to . This is you chance to participate and possibly get your images in print.

The edge  on the pictured seedling photo would be called  FANGS by some. What do you think?  


© 2011, Mike. All rights reserved. Copyright extended to images.

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