FORTUNE’S DEAREST Part 3 Mort Morss on the Daylily Teeth Blog

IwannaPiranha3 FORTUNES DEAREST Part 3  Mort Morss on the Daylily Teeth Blog
Iwanna Piranha, John Kinnebrew

Did you know that FORTUNE’S DEAREST has doubling in the background? I didn’t until I looked further into the background. The first half of the second seedling in FOTUNE’S DEAREST is COOL JAZZ.  So we now have (Mort’s Magic x Sib to Mort’s Magic F2) x (Cool Jazz x .

Breaking down COOL JAZZ is as follows (Windsor Watermark x Tet Sari Tet Nagasaki) Registered as ROYAL FANFARE

WINDSOR WATERMARK, Munson, Evergreen.

Photo at Hornbaker gardens.

ROYAL FANFARE, Kirchoff. Evergreen. Photo at End Of Farm Daylilies.×235.jpg

SARI (Persian Palace x Prairie Horizon)   Munson Semi Evergreen. Photo at Tee Money’s Flicker photo’s.

PERSIAN PALACE, Munson,  Evergreen. Photo at HOOTOWHOLLOW Daylilies.

NAGASAKI (((sdlg. X Dorothy Lambert) x Double Cutie) x Keth Kennon), Kirchoff, Evergreen

Photo at Roycroft Daylilies.

DOROTHY LAMBERT, Lambert, Dormant. Photo at Bluegrass Daylily Gardens.

DOUBLE CUTIE, Brown Evergreen. Photo at Bloomin Designs.

KEITH KENNON, hybridized by Kennon. Evergreen. Cream-Pink Double no image found. 

The revelation in the cross is the double in the background going back to DOUBLE CUTIE. Larry Grace has always wondered why a double popped up every so often in his crosses.

The above crosses also reveal where the grape watermark eye zone came from in FORTUNE’S DEAREST. Most Likely from Munson daylilies. On this side of the cross, only DOROTHY LAMBERT has dormancy in it. There is minor yellow/pink/cream color  in the cross from NAGASAKI with the majority of color weighted toward purple. More background on FORTUNE’S DEAREST on the next daylily teeth blog. Photo of IWANNA PIRANHA , thanks John Kinnebrew.


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