FORTUNE’S DEAREST Part 4 Mort Morss on the Daylily Teeth Blog

graceful brook FORTUNES DEAREST Part 4  Mort Morss on the Daylily Teeth Blog

Here is the complete cross of FORTUNE’SDEAREST.

(Mort’s Magic x Sib to Mort’s Magic F2) x (Cool Jazz x Dream Express) 

DREAM EXPRESS is ((Zinfandel × Ming Porcelain) × Fantasy Finish)  

DREAM EXPRESS, Evergreen, Kirchoff, Photo at Daylilyworld 

ZINFINDALE,(Charles Hamil x Tetra Olivier Monette)  Evergreen, Kirchoff , Photo at Daylily and Hosta Gardens.×450.jpg 

CHARLES HAMIL, Evergreen, Munson (Knave x Chicago Royal)

Orchid Lavender with a cream throat. 

KNAVE, Evergreen, Munson (sdlg x Kings Cloak), Photo by Simbad. 

KINGS CLOAK, Evergreen, Munson (Oriana x sdlg). Photo at Daylily and Hosta  Gardens×450.jpg 

ORIANA, Evergreen, Munson {[sdlg. X (Dorcas x Superfine)] x Crestwood Ann} 

Tomato cream with red halo, gold-yellow throat 

DORCAS, Evergreen, Spalding  

Burnt orange self 

SUPERFINE, Dormant, Fay-Hardy (sdlg x Francis Fay) Photo at Dave’s Garden 

FRANCES FAY, Dormant. Fay . Photo at Daylily and Hosta Gardens×450.jpg 

CHICAGO ROYAL, Semi Evergreen, Marsh, Photo at Daylily and Hosta Gardens×450.jpg 

CRESTWOOD ANN, Dormant, Fay-Griesbach. Photo at Gryphongardens 

Image is of a Gerda Brooker introduction. GRACEFUL BROOK (Fortunes Dearest x Lifting Me Higher sdlg. X seedling).  Thanks Gerda! 

We’ll look at MING PORCELAIN in the cross next, on the daylily teeth blog. 


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