FORTUNE’S DEAREST Part 2 Mort Morss on the Daylily Teeth Blog

RandyStephens FORTUNES DEAREST Part 2  Mort Morss on the Daylily Teeth Blog
Randy Stephens John Kinnebrew

Mort Morss recently revealed to me that the cross that FORTUNE’S DEAREST was derived from came from a cross that produced 5 seeds.  The startling revelation was that he had a vision of this daylily before it bloomed.  FORTUNES DEAREST bloomed as planned! Now what are the odds of that! David Kirchoff was kind enough to provide me with the cross so we could get an inside look into what made this daylily the King of parents in white teeth hybridizing. The first half of the cross is (Mort’s Magic x sib to Mort’s Magic F2).

MORT’S MAGIC is a Dormant ((Nile Flower x Montage) x Holiday Frills) MORT’S MAGIC photo at Heritage Farms.

Nile Flower is (sdlg x Tet Magic Robe)

Magic Robe was a dormant diploid that was hybridized by Steve Moldovan and converted to tetraploid.

MAGIC ROBE, photo at Daylily Paradise

Montage is an Evergreen (Ruwenzori x Chicago Mist)

No photo available

RUWENZORI is an Evergreen, photo at Tinkers.

CHICAGO MIST is a SemiE. Photo at Tranquil Lake

Holiday Frills is a Dormant. Photo at Powell Gardens,%2BHolday%2BFrills.JPG

S.C.  CHICAGO KNOBBY , Dormant. Photo by Cynthia Gibson of Daylily and Hosta Gardens×450.jpg

Dance Ballerina Dance Dormant, Photo at Cedarthorn Daylilies. 

So far you can see from these parents that FORTUNES DEAREST has dormancy in it and lots of it. Plus there are many purples in the cross with a pink- melon in the cross from Dance Ballerina Dance. Of the first part of the cross, it is interesting to note the cross of HOLIDAY FRILLS. CHICAGO KNOBBY appears to be influential in the color of FORTUNES DEAREST. Also you can also see a light edge on the petals.  The other half of FORTUNES DEAREST cross tomorrow on the daylily teeth blog.

 Thanks to John Kinnebrew for his image of RANDY STEPHENS . The daylily has two doses of FORTUNES DEAREST in it. And FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN as the other parent!


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