THE LAST WORD ON THE OUTER LIMITS…not! On the daylily teeth blog

OUTER LIMITScl THE LAST WORD ON THE OUTER LIMITS...not! On the daylily teeth blog

OUTER LIMITS Daylily Clump


This is the clump of the OUTER LIMITS that I saw prior to introduction. It was stunning!

A few of more items about the OUTER LIMITS.

First, the reader who is unhappy with garden performance of the OUTER LIMITS   lives in zone 4/5. Second, Michael Miller contacted me and said the daylily performed wonderfully in zone 7, making nice crowns. And third, Jamie called in today commenting about the reader’s dissatisfaction with the OUTER LIMITS and believes it may be the line breeding in it that has slowed the vigor down. He cited one of the parents, FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN as a marginal slow starter for him and not for others.  Jamie did say the OUTER LIMITS does not like extreme heat. He  certainly wouldn’t be able to recommend the OUTER LIMITS as a Southern display daylily. But he was somewhat surprised at the lack of garden performance in zone 4/5 and felt it in time that it will positively respond to that zone. Jamie also said in the next couple of days he’d send over an image or two of seedlings that it has produced as an illustration of its hybridizing value to teeth hybridizers.

Excuse me for jumping  topics on the Daylily Teeth Blog but I want to share complete information with readers. Coming soon, information on Brother Charles.  And some really cool daylily seedling images shared by readers. One of the seedlings has red teeth!


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