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BonibraeSharky Bonibrae Sharky, Barry Mathie, Daylily Teeth Blog
Bonibrae Sharky

Over the past several months we’ve primarily talked about Tetra Spindazzle and its offspring and Forestlake Ragamuffin and its offspring.  It is clear that Dan Trimmer with Tetra Spindazzle and Fran Harding with Forestlake Ragamuffin, they provided two of the most valuable daylilies available for the contemporary hybridizers of today. With Dan Trimmer’s conversion of TETRA SPINDAZZLE, it was a much luck as it was hybridizing genius and generosity from Dan that let other hybridizers such as  Jamie Gossard and John Benz  to unravel its potential. Many hybridizers  have shared in the successes FORESTLAKE REAGAMUFFIN as a parent. We can thank Fran for releasing the daylily so hybridizers can  advance the daylilies potential. Who would have thought Ragamuffin could produce such a beautiful double daylily such as Barry Mathie’s BONIBRAE SHARKY (Forestlake Ragamuffin x Licorice Candy). Over the next several daylily teeth blogs, I’d like to talk about another important daylily in edged hybridizing, Gene Beldon’s, STARTLE…


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