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Startle was hybridized by Gene Beldon and registered in 1988. It was a cross of (Broadmore Red x My Sunshine). MY SUNSHINE, a poly chrome of Reckamp’s provided the edge.A visual image of MY SUNSHINE is at . BROADMORE RED, also a Beldon introduction gave color. A visual image 0f BROADMORE RED is at   Notice the light edge on the daylily. Remember that we discussed previously that a daylily with a light colored edge, crossed with an edged daylily, you can get an edge. That’s what Beldon did. Now look at the image of Startle  The edge shows itself.This is where the story of STARTLE begins; in John Benz’s garden. Image is of John’s BRAIDED LIGHTNING, (Red Lightning x Startle). More tomorrow on the Daylily Teeth Blog…


BRADIED LIGHNING1 STARTLE, Gene Beldon, Daylily Teeth Blog


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