Forestlake Briar Patch, Fran Harding, Daylily Teeth Blog

flbpatch Forestlake Briar Patch, Fran Harding, Daylily Teeth Blog

Fran Harding registered FORESTLAKE BRIAR PATCH in 2008. It is a cross of (Forestlake Lacy Bloomers x Forestlake Ragamuffin) To be honest with everyone, I was unaware that there was another BRIAR PATCH daylily in registration.  The B.P. that I knew was Larry Grace’s 2009 BRIAR PATCH (Larry’s Obsession x Vitner’s Treasure).  Other than sharing a name, the two daylilies come from different backgrounds.

For those of you who don’t know, Fran has registered 60 plus daylilies. Many of them are unavailable because Fran used these daylilies as parents in her daylily seed business. So when you do a search for specific daylilies of hers and can’t find a source to buy them, the reason may be is that they weren’t released to the public. I believe that I’ve said this before; Rich Howard carries several of Fran’s released daylilies. More tomorrow on the daylily garden blog…


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