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truth1 Mike Olson on TRUTH , Daylily Garden Blog

Nancy lson, Truth

In an earlier blog we spoke about Nancy Olson’s TRUTH out of RUFFLED STRAWBERRY PARFAIT. Mike Olson has added his thoughts. “One thing I like most about TRUTH is that the teeth are obvious and somewhat plentiful, but she doesn’t overdo it.  Many, many big edges (toothy and not) are getting too big and too frilly for my taste.  A wide yellow edge, is becoming after all, just an uglier yellow flower.  Same with wide picotees and large eyes, some are just painting over the petal self color to the eye/picotee color and losing the complementary tones and style and elegance.  I also love the occasional hiccup or variation in the edge – the pic you posted shows a hooked talon, and the other pic shows a large sharp edge protrusion that really isn’t a “white sharks tooth”. Thanks Mike for your input.

….more tomorrow on the Daylily Garden Teeth Blog..


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