Eddy Muers seedlings Blue Teeth

eddy meurs 001sm Eddy Muers seedlings Blue Teeth

Eddy Muers seedling

eddy meurs zaailingen 036sm2 Eddy Muers seedlings Blue Teeth

Eddy Muers seedling

eddy zaailingen 033sm2 Eddy Muers seedlings Blue Teeth

Eddy Muers seedling

The question of Francois;

Blue board-teeth;These are seedlings this years,4 years work to blue.The first seedling blue that much in terms of Dann Mack Mitchell pictures. This year are blue teeth including;Forestlake Ragamuffin,    Voracious Vixen ect……….In the course after a few years, these are my first registration.  Eddy , Belgium

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One Response to Eddy Muers seedlings Blue Teeth

  1. Mike Olson says:

    I think LINDA SIERRA is going to be important for teeth in different colors than white or gold and I know you have it across the pond somewhere. She has a little sawtooth edge that needs to be enhanced. My best-ever seedling is SAILING AT DAWN X LINDA SIERRA and shows an enhanced edge (that still stays away from the double white or gold edge), but still lacks teeth. The eye color and enhanced picotee tend toward dark blue-purple, rather than Linda’s blue-lavender. You can find my seedling “big eye” at my website link.

    I used ‘big eye’ a lot this year with EYES WIDE SHUT (Salter), another one that tends to shun the double gold or white edge. EWS also performs well in the north — well-branched and very pod fertile! I am hoping that I will get bigger single picotees, but colored teeth would be an incredible bonus! Wouldn’t it be cool to have long enough colored teeth or tendrils with a white or gold double edge that just shows on the tips of the tendrils?

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