John Kinnebrew , 2011 Introduction

randy stephens x iwanna pir John Kinnebrew , 2011 Introduction
John Kinnebrew Introduction 2011

John Kinnebrew is introducing an important toothy daylily in the Spring 2011.  The cross is (Randy Stephens x Iwanna Piranha). These two daylilies are sibs so you get double doses of((Forestlake Ragamuffin X Mort Morss) Cosmic Sensation). By being  loaded with teeth genetics, you should easily be able to cross this daylily into Purples, Oranges, Reds, and of course daylilies with green edges!  Looking at the daylily you can see that the watermark extends the surface of the outer petals. And some of the teeth are actually bi-colored, red and gold.

John’s website isn’t up yet so if you want this daylily you should probably advance order it. Let John know you saw the daylily on my blog so he knows why you are calling. I had told him I would show it. Thanks to Michael Miller for sending over the image… More tomorrow on the daylily teeth blog..


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