ART IN HEAVEN, Luddy Lambertson, Daylily teeth blog

ART IN HEAVEN ART IN HEAVEN, Luddy Lambertson, Daylily teeth blog
ART IN HEAVEN , Luddy Lambertson

 Francois V from Belgium is looking for daylilies that lean toward the blue color with an edge and visible teeth.

There are several daylilies that I can think of that may assist Francois.  The first one is David Kirchoff’s GOD SAVE THE QUEEN. It has been a proven parent for edges for several hybridizers. Luddy Lambertson is introducing in the Spring 2011 several daylilies out of GOD SAVE THE QUEEN. There are other choices from Lambertson garden. Several of LUDDY’S go back to Tetra Spindazzle. One daylily of particular interest to me is the 2009 introduction, ART IN HEAVEN. This daylily was seen in a display garden during the Region 2 Summer meeting. The performance was noted as a must have by Nikki Schmith. I am always on the lookout for Luddy’s daylilies that are hardy so it appears that this one will work in our Zone 5 climate.  Anyways Luddy is good source for persons working with teeth and blue daylilies.

 A word of caution, be aware that when you purchase daylilies from warmer climates zones than your own, the performance may be impaired. Visa versa, when you buy daylilies from a colder climate than you own, the performance may be negatively affected.  As hybridizers, many of us take these risks to advance our own programs….  More tomorrow on the Daylily Blog…. 


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