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outerlimits1 OUTER LIMITS, Jamie Gossard, Daylily Teeth Blog

OUTER LIMITS, Jamie Gossard

Welcome back.  Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday. I spent last week in Florida visiting friends and family .Something different, something fun, I caught several nice sized Bass while canal fishing with my father-in-law. The biggest fish broke the line (darn!), but we did land a five and a couple of four pounders.

A relatively new daylily on the market that I believe will assist in producing green teeth is Jamie Gossard’s OUTER LIMITS. The cross is (SABRE TOOTH TIGER x REAP THE WHIRLWIND). This breaks down to two doses of FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN by two doses of TETRA SPINDAZZLE.  Jamie states in his description that the edge has a “greenish cast”.  Looking at the daylily, you can see the edge is an extension of the green throat.  While this daylily obviously favors a narrow cross, don’t overlook a round daylily with BEST EDGE in the genetics.  More tomorrow on the daylily teeth blog…


Bass2 OUTER LIMITS, Jamie Gossard, Daylily Teeth Blog
Father-in-law with Bass

For those of you who are interested, this is a picture of my father-in-law holding a Bass which we caught last week in Florida. He is 86 years young and still gets out almost everyday and goes fishing.  Good Times!


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