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FL.TigerlingClaws FORESTLAKE TIGERLING CLAWS , Fran Harding, Daylily Teeth Blog
Forestlake Tigerling Claws, Fran Harding

Yuma has been involved again in another important Fran Harding registration. Fran registered FORESTLAKE TIGERLING CLAWS in 2003. The cross is [(Forestlake Lacy Bloomers X (sdlg. x Forestlake Fringe Binge)]. The cross of FORESTLAKE LACY BLOOMERS is [(sdlg x Yuma)(sdlg x Forestlake Fringe Binge).

An interesting trait of FORESTLAKE TIGERLING CLAWS is the white fringe tips on the heavily ruffled petal edges. It’s probably a rare trait in this color combination. On occasion BASS GIBSON does shows cream tips on the edge. Maybe someday someone will bloom the cross of the two… And get large white teeth on an orange daylily…Now that would be cool!

 Thank you Fran for the image… more tomorrow.. 


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