GREEN TEETH, Daylily Blog by Mike Holmes

greenteeth GREEN TEETH, Daylily Blog by Mike Holmes

Why do we want to breed green teeth? The image tells the story. Plus there aren’t any true green teeth daylilies available.  This hybridizing quest should be easier to do than the true blue daylily. We have pretty good tools to work with.

 Around 2005,   Larry Grace became intrigued with the idea of hybridizing daylilies with green edges. One problem, where do you begin? The seedling Best Edge had been thought of as a daylily that could breed green edges. Larry  felt his own JT DAVIS would lead him toward green.  After years of work and careful selection,  he introduced  FULL OF TREASURE for 2011. FULL OF TREASURE, while it does not have a foliage green  edge, it does have a yellow to green edge. Best of all, the surface colors are on a neutral base with no visible tan tones in it. That makes FULL OF TREASURE a color cleaner. So do you want to bred green teeth, consider this daylily.  Tomorrow on the daylily blog we will talk about a few more “daylily green” edges to work  in crossing into teeth….btw-daylily image is a cheesy photoshop image… 


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4 Responses to GREEN TEETH, Daylily Blog by Mike Holmes

  1. Dale Sherman says:


    I saw Richard Aker’s DENTAL ACADEMY on his website and thought, another nice toothy edge, but do I need another toothy one for 2011? What set it apart for me was the pedigree, FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN X HOLY GUACAMOLE. HG doesn’t compare to a couple of the newer green edges, but in our garden it was green, at least in the morning. The images of DA do not show green but the potential is certainly there. DA is registered as sev, but both parents thrived in our zone 5 garden. I think it deserves consideration from anyone that is serious about green teeth.

  2. Mike Olson says:

    Indeed, DENTAL ACADEMY does show chartreuse edging in a picture that I use that is from Richard. It shows that edging “especially on warmer days”, Richard just told me today. One big reason that I bought it last year because I saw the picture and surmised that it would be even better in warmer weather.

    • Dale Sherman says:

      Mike O

      Did it bloom for you this past summer? If so, was the green evident in the edge? I have a seedling that I purchased from Mary Gaskins (FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN X LESLIE RENEE) that I will load up with seeds from DA if given the opportunity this coming summer. The seedling has long tentacles on the edges but they are yellow. Leslie Renee was one of the first green edged cultivars in commerce and thus I would be hopefull of seeing seedlings with green teeth or fringe from this cross.

  3. Mike Olson says:

    DA did not show the greenish tint, but I still have hope, even if it needs somewhere warmer than Wisconsin. For green-on-green, the only pollen that touched BELLA NOTE and LESLIE RENEE last summer was DA. I have even more green-on-green lined up for DA in 2011.

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