Warm and Fuzzy seedling, David Mussar

ForestlakePointLacexForestlakeWarmAndFuzzyxsib1 Warm and Fuzzy seedling, David Mussar

Warm and Fuzzy seedling, David Mussar

ForestlakePointLacexForestlakeWarmAndFuzzyxsib b2 Warm and Fuzzy seedling, David Mussar

Forestlake Point Lace x Forestlake Warm And Fuzzy x sib-b


Dave Mussar recently wrote me about seed that he bloomed from FORESTLAKE WARM AND FUZZY. 

“Hi Mike,

Here is a seedling that is a kid, actually a grandkid out of F. Warm & Fuzzy. The cross is actually Forestlake Point Lace x (FW&F x sib).  Seed came from Fran Harding. Both images are the same plant.   Image one was first bloom and it was shaded by other plants.  When I moved it to a sunnier location it developed more color.  It is a short plant (I think FW&F is only about 18″ tall too) and this one has a low bud count maybe in the range of 8 – 10.  I haven’t used it as much as I probably should have.  It gives a huge wide ruffle along with some teeth.

I noticed I might still have a few seeds from 2009 of it with Lemon Fringed Pastel as the pollen parent. I might have to start them next spring. Dave Mussar, Puslinch, Ontario”

Dave that’s quite a difference in coloration. I wonder if the difference in color is the same as the difference we see in patterns due to temperature. Oh, if you don’t plant the seeds, send them my way and I’ll grow out. I’t be interesting to make a F2 cross with the seedlings , you might get an extreme version of WARM AND FUZZY. Thanks for sharing your daylily. I’ll get back with everyone Monday morn on the daylily blog. Green Teeth next week! …. 


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