Forestlake Ragamuffin, Part 6

MMandSeedling1 Forestlake Ragamuffin, Part 6

Marmalade Muncher and Offspring

I ran across MARMALADE MUNCHER (Forestlake Becky X Forestlake Lawdy How Gaudy) on the Lily Auction last week. FORESTLAKE BECKY has FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN as a parent. The hybridizer of M.M.  is Mike Grossman of Minnesota. I quickly glanced past the cuping of the daylily because I knew Mike was a zone 4 grower and thought the daylily would flatten out in warmer zones. And even if it doesn’t flatten out,  I would just use M.M. with daylilies that show recurve.

Fran Harding corresponded with me recently and wrote about Yuma. She said it really was an undesirable daylily. Yuma cuped and was disfigured. But she saw the teeth on it and knew that was a trait she wanted in her program. Now she believes Yuma played a large part in the teeth on Forestlake Ragamuffin.   

When I looked at MARMALADE MUNCHER I focused on the teeth coming out from the throat and teeth on the chubby sepals. These are characteristics that I  look for.  MARMALADE MUNCHER has large zone 4 teeth and I believe it will be a valuable hybridizers tool in the future. Oh yes,  I did buy it! I’ll take it to SEE ME and maybe to a purple …. On tomorrows Daylily Blog… we’ll look at BASS GIBSON… 


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