Forestlake Ragamuffin Part 5

SMe x AMg 13 225x300 Forestlake Ragamuffin Part 5

Dave Mussar seedling

John Rice introduced ANNETTE’S MAGIC in 2004. I like this outcross.  The cross was ED BROWN x FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN.  ANNETTE’S MAGIC has a 28” scape and 5.5” bloom.  Ragamuffin in this example put teeth on a first generation cross on a non teeth daylily ED BROWN.  Remember that we talked earlier about using a daylily with an edge and crossing it into a teeth daylily. We suggested you could put teeth on a non teeth daylily. John Rice did it.  Annette’s Magic color appears to be a course coral pink.  Where would you go next? Think about using a dominant color like purple when you have a color that you want to redefine.  Or use a white or lavender to clean the color up. David Mussar provided an example of what you can do with a daylily that you want to clean the color up and keep the edge. Dave’s crossed SEE ME FEEL ME TOUCH ME(which is a known color cleaner) x ANNETTE’S MAGIC.  Dave kept the teeth, kept the form of ANNETTES MAGIC, and cleaned the color of ANNETTE’S MAGIC.  What a beautiful daylily! That soft color of Ed Brown was restored and the teeth remained. I also like the sepals that match the daylily’s circular form. Round daylilies look better with blunt or square sepals while the triangular daylilies can be more pointed.  A final note, if you are thinking why aren’t the teeth bigger? It does have several doses of Ragamuffin in it now.  A possible answer is the temperature is playing a factor. Dave hybridizes in Canada.  I’ve seen SEE ME FEEL ME TOUCH ME respond to temperature. The hotter it is, the bigger the teeth. If you brought this seedling of Dave’s to a zone 6 or 7 garden, the teeth could be twice the size.  More FLR Daylily Teeth Blog… tomorrow


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