Forestlake Ragamuffin Part 3

VENUS FLY TRAP 300x281 Forestlake Ragamuffin Part 3

The first registration out of FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN was FORESTLAKE LUNATIC FRINGE. The cross was [FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN X (sdlg x FORESTLAKE FRINGE BINGE)], registered by Fran Harding purveyor of fine daylily seeds, FORESTLAKE GARDENS. Fran had around 15 first generation registered daylilies out of FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN. These registrations were primarily for her seed business first. Fran did sell some of the registrations.

Jamie Gossard and John Benz were a few of the early hybridizers to use FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN. Both of the hybridizers took the daylily to narrow form of Tetra Spindazzle.  Since we’ve already discussed Tetra Spindazzle, we won’t go back down the narrow path but instead will look at circular formed daylily crosses.  VENUS FLYTRAP(2007) introduced by Jamie Gossard is worth exploring. This daylily is packed with teeth and edge genetics plus dormancy. The cross is (Order or Chaos x Shinto Etching) x (Forestlake Ragamuffin x Heavenly Beginnings). ORDER OR CHAOS is (Braided Lightning x Heavenly Beginnings). Braided Lightning has Startle in it. Heavenly Beginnings is (Startle x Tertra Spindazzle). SHINTO ETCHING (Munson) is the outcross. This is where the improved color came from. I also used a Munson seedling and crossed FLR onto it which produced HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU.  It is probably worth exploring by taking other clean colored daylilies to VENUS FLYTRAP.  When you do this, look for daylilies that show an edge. And it doesn’t have to be a heavy edge. A fine white edge would work.  VATICAN CITY is a daylily that comes to mind. More Daylily Blog on Forestlake Ragamuffin tomorrow…


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