Forestlake Ragamuffin Part 4

SILENCE OF THE LAMBS 2 300x282 Forestlake Ragamuffin Part 4

David Mussar posed the question of plant habit when hybridizing with FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN. In some circles of thought, hybridizers suggest that the pod parent is responsible for plant habit. FLR was registered at 28 inches, with a 5.5 inch bloom.  Checking the database for introductions out of FLR, the tallest is 42 inches.  It was crossed with Strawberry Candy which is registered at 26 inches. This cross  leaves me wondering, how is this possible? FLR does not have any known tall parents. Neither does STRAWBERRY CANDY.  The tallest FLR introductions as a group are daylilies crossed with Tetra SPINDAZZLE. John and Jamie had multiple seedlings from this cross. None of the seedlings that I know of were shorter than 30 inches. That defies sense also as SPINDAZZLE was registered at 26 inches.  The shortest daylily registered out of FLR was hybridized by Fran Harding. FORESTLAKE WARM AND FUZZY which was registered at 18 inches with a 5 inch bloom.  Glancing at all of the in the dbase crosses, I’d guess FLR breeds an average height of 28 inches and average bloom size of 5.5. If I broke down the crosses by line breeding vs. outcrossing, you’d end up with an average height less than 28 inches for line breed crosses, with outcrosses, your  average height would be greater than 28 inches.

Dale Sherman’s SILENCE OF THE LAMBS is registered at 27 inches, 5.5 inch bloom. The cross is (Flr x Heavenly Beginnings) Startle . So you have FLR at 28 inches in height, HEAVENLY BEGINNINGS at 40 inches in height, and STARTLE at 27 in height. I wouldn’t be surprised if this daylily bred tall next generation with an outcross…


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