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Grey Eyezone seedling

Yesterday I relayed to you that we were taking a break from Tetra Spindazzle discussion. So today provided an opportunity to speak about David Kirchoff mentioning grey(gray) daylilies.  Gray to grey color combination’s are  daylilies that really catch my attention . Gray  is in the color range of black to white, while grey  can be considered silver tones.   Of course, some people consider gray and grey the same. The names are just pronounced differently.

Several years ago I began noticing what people describing daylilies as shades of blue,  were in my eyes actually shades of gray to grey.  I could list examples but as I was recently challenged by Bruce Kovach at a daylily meeting with what I called a lavender daylily. The daylily in his eyes was more pink. My experience is that we all see color a little bit differently, with women seeing color clearer than most men. A couple of exceptions are Steve Moldovan who had a fine eye for color and of course David Kirchoff. Steve Moldovan once told me that David has one of the finest eyes for color that he had ever known. That was an exceptional complement to come from Steve.

A friend of mine gave me this beautiful diploid. For those of you who don’t know me, I don’t hybridize diploids, but I can certainly appreciate their beauty. The gray to grey and green combination along with the green blended sepals captured my eye. Describing the colors of the daylily, I would say that the petals are a light lavender with maroon veining in the petals with a thin grey edge. The eye zone is a gray to grey outlined in maroon. The sepal bases carry an emerald green color that flashes into  grey,   leading to a lightly tipped lavender edge. Of course don’t forget that emerald green throat blending to a lighter green…. Daylily Blog back to Tetra Spindazzle Spindazzle tomorrow…part 7


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