Tetra Spindazzle, Part 6

horns kid 300x201 Tetra Spindazzle, Part 6
Tetra Spindazzle grandbaby

John Benz’s use of Tetra Spindazzle is most noted for his cross onto FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN.  John made 82 seeds with this cross.  After John saw the kids bloom he forgot all about the color he once worried over and marveled at the teeth displayed on these seedlings. John was so impressed with the cross he kept the entire group an additional year for observation. So far John has introduced four of these seedlings. TOOTH AND NAIL, FANG AND CLAW, REAP THE WHIRLWIND and HORNS.   Each sib presents a different look and they all are dormants. This year John introduced BARB WIRE (Tooth and Nail x Startling Creation) Horns. So this daylily has three doses of Tetra Spindazzle, two doses of Ragamuffin, and one dose of Startle. Here is a cross for you. BARB WIRE onto Jamie’s WOLVERINE. What a wonderful cross this would be for teeth! …Something different on the next Daylily Blog.


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