Tetra Spindazzle, Part 5

When Lightning Strikes 300x271 Tetra Spindazzle, Part 5

Ohio Hybridizer, John Benz acquired Tetra Spindazzle in the mid 1990’s from Dan Trimmer.  Dan sent it to John because he and John were friends and Dan felt John would like to use it.  John at first was not impressed when Tetra Spindazzle bloomed for him. John didn’t care for the color or the form.  But John had seen Dan Trimmers, not yet introduced Crocodile Smile, and he was intrigued with the teeth displayed.  So John crossed Tetra Spindazzle onto his own edged seedling, now registered Braided Lightning.  John made around 60 seeds from this cross.  When they bloomed, John selected 17 of the seedlings to evaluate.  John shared the seedlings with Jamie Gossard and me while keeping just two selections to introduce.  They were LIGHTNING STORM and WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES. The other direction John took Tetra Spindazzle was onto Forestlake Ragamuffin….  Daylily Blog tomorrow….


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