Tetra Spindazzle, Part 4

Wolverine 300x295 Tetra Spindazzle, Part 4

WOLVERINE bloomed in my garden by chance. Years back, we had extra garden space and I had seen that Jamie hadn’t planted all of his seedlings so I offered to grow out a few hundred of them. Jamie included several trays of teeth seedlings. As fate would have it, we bloomed Wolverine at Riverbend Daylily Garden.  Like Monikan, Wolverine has five doses of Tetra Spindazzle in it.  The difference is Wolverine has teeth. Both parents of this cross are intriguing. The cross is (Dragon Fang x Dragon Knight).   Looking deeper into this cross you’ll find a dose of Fortunes Dearest and two doses of Startle. But the most interesting piece of this daylily is that Wolverine ties into Brother Charles line with a dose of Heavenly Crown coming from Emily Olsen’s Gram’s Dream. It is no wonder that this daylily not only show teeth but produces them.  When Jamie introduced WOLVERINE at $300.00 , I thought no way. Then he sold out of it. After rethinking the genetic potential of this daylily, I wish I still had a piece.  

More Daylily Blog next on Tetra Spindazzle….with another hybridizer’s vision


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