Tetra Spindazzle, part 3

Monkian 300x288 Tetra Spindazzle, part 3
MONKIAN , Gossard 2010

Where does Jamie Gossard stand right now in Tetra Spindazzle   generational crosses?  He has introduced several 5th generation Tetra Sprindazzle kids, Monkian and Wolverine.  Monikan is an interesting cross of (Thundercat x Mask of Darkness) for several reasons. Where are the teeth? You may think after five doses of Tetra Spindazzle in Monikan, teeth would be dominant and be showy. Thundercat, the pod parent is [(Raspberry Butterflies × Raspberry Griffin) × (Born Too Late × Crocodile Smile)]. RASBERRY BUTTERFLY, RASPBERRY GRIFFIN and CROCODILE SMILE each have a dose of Tetra Spindazzle in them. On the Pollen side of Monikan, MASK OF DARKNESS, the cross is {[(Moonlit Masquerade × Twist of Lemon) × (Jungle Mask × tetra Spindazzle)] × Raspberry Sickle}.  The question to where are the teeth, lies in the cross itself. Thundercat shows only fine razor teeth. Pollen Parent, Mask of Darkness, show small teeth. What has happened is the teeth producing power of Tetra Spindazzle has become diluted with daylilies that don’t genetically carry teeth thereby making this a recessive teeth cross. So Jamie being the expert that he is, most likely knew that this was an unlikely cross for large teeth. He may have been after a double edged narrow daylily. While Monkian doesn’t express a wide double edge, it does have one. What would you hybridize  Monkian with now? For narrow daylilies with double edges, Karol Emmerich’s ENTWINED IN THE VINE would be one direction. Or you might go straight back to  a first generation Tetra Spindazzle kid to see some really cool teeth. But the color would probably suffer. We’ll Daylily Blog about WOLVERINE  next. I know this daylily well…


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