More on Alan Lane Agin and Red Friday on the Daylily Teeth Blog

9T209A HHTY x Red Friday 2 More on Alan Lane Agin and Red Friday on the Daylily Teeth Blog

Happy Holidays To You x Red Friday, David Hansen

Thanks to everyone who commented to the post on ALAN LANE AGIN. A couple of questions that were asked are, What does it take to produce daylily teeth other than gold? What about Red Friday? What was the cross of the seedling I showed before the ALAN LANE AGIN post?

I didn’t mention Red Friday a Top Nine 2003-2008 because when it bloomed in my garden it didn’t look like the images Linda had shown. There were virtually no teeth and the color was not clear. So I didn’t use it. I held the daylily for several years before finally removing it from my display area. Now if I would have listened to Linda, I would have bloomed kids out of it by now . Thanks to several friends, I received images of their RED FRIDAY seedlings. I’m sure they are thrilled they used RED FRIDAY. I about spilled my coffee when I saw David Hansen’s image of HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU x RED FRIDAY. Wow! Here David beat me with my own daylily, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU. Nice job ! Your daylily seedling ranks among the top Cardinal Red teeth daylily’s that I’ve ever seen.

A couple of points made by friends about the Agin daylilies.  Bred Red Friday to good color and you will get good color. Red Friday and Alan Lane Agin are both hardy in  the North. Alan Lane Agin is sunfast in the South.

Rich I’m going to save you question till after the first of the year on how to produce teeth in different colors.

The cross of the seedling in two posts previous is LOVE ALL SERVE ALL x OUTER LIMITS.

I’ll show other Alan Lane Agin kids and Red Friday kids in future posts.

Mike Holmes , on the daylily teeth blog

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