STARTLE and Kids, Daylily Teeth Blog Mike Holmes

Startling Creation STARTLE and Kids, Daylily Teeth Blog Mike Holmes
STARTLING CREATION (Startle x Tetra Spindazzle)

Pat Stamile took STARTLE into his line and introduced DEBUSSY (Magic Amethyst x Startle) in 1999. Arguably this could be an origin of the edge in Stamile breeding. The different between Gossard and Stamile hybridizing is that Stamile went round, selected clean color and early on may have sacrificed heavy edge.  Gossard wanted narrow form with heavy teeth and color was a secondary consideration. Several notables of Stamile’s with STARTLE in the background are LARRY MILLER, THE TERMINATOR, VIOLET BECOME YOU, and BELLA NOTE. I’ve mentioned before that I thought VIOLET BECOMES YOU could be an important parent for teeth hybridizing because of its genetics and I like the scape. Certainly you could take it into a Gossard such a VENUS FLY TRAP  which has HEAVENLY BEGINNINGS in it and get nice purples with decent edges. Gossard’s FORBIDDEN TERRITORY (White Fang X Heavenly Pink Fang)  is another candidate that would be a good cross with VIOLET BECOMES YOU.  Since John Benz has several round daylilies from STARTLE breeding, his daylilies would also match up well with Stamiles round STARTLE line… Picture of STARTLING CREATION is the sib to HEAVENLY BEGINNINGS… More tomorrow on the Daylily Teeth Blog…


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