Forestlake Ragamuffin, Part 12, MALCOLM DAVID BROOKER SENIOR

malcolm david brooker Forestlake Ragamuffin, Part 12, MALCOLM DAVID BROOKER SENIOR

Gerda Brooker introduced MALCOLM DAVID BROOKER SENIOR  in 2007. Her late husband Malcolm hybridized the daylily. The cross is (FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN x T.HL 16).  T.H.L. 16 is a seedling that Malcolm acquired from Larry Grace. The seedling is a cross of (Tetra Helena Louisa x Larry Grace).

I’ve seen  MALCOLM BROOKER SENIOR  grown in several gardens from Alabama to Kentucky to our Ohio garden. In each garden, the daylily is special. It consistently displays a toothy edge on both the petals and sepals. The daylily is sunfast and looks grand in a clump. I’ve seen several seedlings out of MALCOLM DAVID BROOKER SENIOR that have been outstanding. The teeth on the sepals  is passed onto the children. The children have a clear color with smooth substance. If you use MALCOLM DAVID BROOKER SENIOR , it should work with any color. One more thing,  M.D.B.S.  is registered at 6 inches but Gerda says it is 6.5 to 7 inches on her website. That makes M.D.B.S.  one of the largest round toothy daylilies you can use in your own hybridizing… . I’ll catch up with everyone Monday morning on the next Daylily Teeth Blog….


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