Recommendation from Jack Looye, ODE TO FAITH

odetofaithxAM Recommendation from Jack Looye, ODE TO FAITH
Jack Looye teeth seedling

Jack Looye wrote “Hi Mike, 2 years ago Bryan Culver gave me a plant of Ode to Faith, Klehm 03, it has lots of teeth, I crossed American Freedom on to it and only got 1 seed from this cross, it bloomed this last summer and I loved this seedling. It had 6 Fans and it was around 30″ tall. The daylily bloomed as a 1 year old from seed… Anyway I think Ode to Faith should be explored more, after seeing this seedling bloom I put a lot of crosses on this plant this last summer.”

Jack I agree, I like ODE TO FAITH. The daylily is registered at 33 inch height, Dor., 6 inch bloom. It is a yellow to gold blend. American freedom was registered by Frank Smith. The cross is ( Tet. Ultimate Perfection X J.T. Davis)  It is interesting that you got a rose color out of the cross. I would have not expected that. Anyways , nice seedling!

Thanks Jack for sharing your daylily cross. If anyone is interested, I saw Betty Fritz had ODE TO FAITH for sale…. Tomorrow another seedling on the Daylily Blog…


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