edgeteeth Dan Trimmer, PATRIARCH of TETRA SPINDAZZLE

Another hybridizer that used Tetra Spindazzle  early on was  Bob Schwarz.  Bob and Dan Trimmer were friends.  So Dan gave a piece of Tetra Spindazzle to him.  Bob introduced his LAUGHING GIRAFFE, reg. 1997 out of it.  If you recall earlier in our in Tetra Spindazzle  Part 1,  I mentioned a seeding called LAUGHING HYENA. Dan never introduced this seeding because he felt that Bob had the more unique of the two compared.

Dan had just a few introductions from the Tetra Spindazzle. His most important introduction CROCODILE SMILE, has helped the Southern hybridizers achieve teeth in their lines on long narrow petaled daylilies. And not to be left out, Dan’s wife, Jane also had introductions from Crocodile Smile. LEMON GO LIGHTLY and LIGHT FORBES. In the North, Tetra Spindazzle has been heavily used and will be seen in lines for decades to come. I saw that Barry Matthie recently introduced a first generation Tetra Spindazzle kid, BONIBRAE SAWTOOTH. Half of Jamie’s tetraploid line has tetra Spindazzle in it. One day all of his line may share that seed. We can then all call Jamie “Mr. Spindazzle”, a name he would enjoy.

Congratulations and thank you to Dan Trimmer for unselfishly sharing his TETRA SPINDAZZLE and producing CROCODILE SMILE…

next Daylily Blog on FROSESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN… I talked to Fran today..I have some interesting news. Is Brother Charles’s line in FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN? Tune in to find out…


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