EIGHT MILES HIGH<>Luddy Lambertson on the Daylily Teeth Blog

eight miles high 375 EIGHT MILES HIGH<>Luddy Lambertson on the Daylily Teeth Blog

EIGHT MILES HIGH, Luddy Lambertson

Every year as introductions are made available by hybridizers, hybridizers get together and discuss the new intros.  JohnB, JamieG, LarryG,and myself(or some combination) are no different. We have been having pow-wows discussing the must have daylilies annually.  I first heard that EIGHT MILES HIGH had been introduced from John Benz. John had just seen the EIGHT MILES HIGH on Luddy’s website.  The daylily is registered as a 2003 tet 7.5″ Ev M Re 30″ (Way Cool x [Sdlg x Way Cool]).

Now that EIGHT MILES HIGH has been around for some time, the experience of others from the South to the North varies. For Northerners, EIGHT MILES HIGH teeth seem to be heat dependant.  That is not a quality that  I usually like but when you are hybridizing with a daylily whose traits such as the purple color, you go with it.

The usefulness of EIGHT MILES HIGH today as  breeder may be outpaced by several newer purple introductions of Luddys and Ted Petits.  Nevertheless EIGHT  MILES HIGH makes the top nine 2003-2008

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Mike Holmes, on the daylily teeth blog

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