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yellowhairs REAP THE WHIRLWIND, On the Daylily Teeth Blog


golden glitz 300x2801 REAP THE WHIRLWIND, On the Daylily Teeth Blog

GOLDEN GLITZ, Sandy Holmes Teeth introduction

outerlimits REAP THE WHIRLWIND, On the Daylily Teeth Blog

OUTER LIMITS, Jamie Gossard Introduction

John’s  REAP THE WHILRLWIND reaches the top nine daylilies from 2003 to 2008. The daylily specs out at t  28″, 7″, M. Dor.  with heavy fringy teeth edge. While the scape is shorter  and not as well branched  as John’s other (Forestlake Ragamuffin X Tet. Spindazzle)  introductions, the clear yellow color makes it  a great choice for a first generation breeder for  clear colors.  What I mean by this is that there isn’t any dirty bronze or ruddy red color to clean up as in many Spindazzle  crosses.  So you could use it back with the less clear colors and you have a greater chance of better color the first generation. Or if you crossed REAP THE WHIRLWIND to an already clean daylily such as  the newly introduced  DOCTOR STUMP of Larry Graces, you hit a few home runs first generation.  John was kind enough to share pollen with Jamie and myself early on and we both bloomed introductions. Sandy Introduced GOLDEN GLITZ  last year and Jamie introduced the phenomenal  OUTER LIMITS both from REAP THE WHIRLWIND . Thanks John, nice work!

Mike Holmes , daylily teeth blog

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