Todays Blog: Buying and selling daylily seed on the daylily Lily Auction

SEE ME2 Todays Blog: Buying and  selling daylily seed on the  daylily Lily Auction


Back in the late 1990′s I purchased a few seeds from Fran Harding. I was guided to her from Shirley Farmer. Jamie Gossard , Shirley and I all bought seed from her out of FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN. Each of us bloomed a few noteworthy daylilies. I was fortunate enough to bloom SEE ME FEEL TOUCH. Its been a valuable breeder for us and has been a very nice garden daylily.

The seed business and seed give aways are still going strong today thanks to the newest generation of  seed entrepreneurs. Mike Longo’s Lily Auction is a favorite place to sell seed. Bill Gutfleisch has a nice collection of teeth seeds now available on the Lily Auction. A close look at the bidders on Bill’s auctions show even the Jamie Gossard is still bitten by the teeth auctions. . As for persons who give seed away, John Kulpa comes to mind. I remember how proud Jane S. was when she picked up a few of John’s seed give aways at a daylily meeting.

FYI, I’ve been getting several emails wondering when Larry Grace’s daylilies are going to be online.  Soon. I can also tell you that Larry is staking his claim to this years Dentist Award. Stay tuned!

Mike Holmes on the daylily teeth blog

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