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STIPX UNK Sawteeth  or Sawtooth Daylilies, daylily Blog

Welcome back. It’s been a busy weekend. Sandy and I had the pleasure of presenting programs to the HUDSON-ADIRONDACK DAYLILY SOCIETY in Albany New York. We stayed with Melanie and Bob Mason at their 400 plus acre cattle ranch. We’ve been privileged to present to several other clubs this spring including the Pollen Dabbers and the Green Bay club. There is growing interest in Teeth Daylilies.

 In presenting the daylily teeth program to Melanie’s club, Melanie offered her thoughts on what “daylily teeth” are. Later this week I’ll share her thoughts with you. Also over the weekend I heard from several of our daylily teeth friends, Mike Johnson, N.Y., Michael Miller, Va., Larry Welch, Ga., Claudia Conway, N.H., David Hansen, Ne., Eddy Meurs, Belgium, and Roy Woodhall, Oh.   who had some interesting historical thoughts. 

I am going to start off this week with an image that Mike Johnson sent over. His cross is between to Luddy Lambertson daylilies,   STIPPLED STARS X CRETACEOUS CRUNCH. CRETACEOUS CRUNCH has CROCODILE SMILE in it, so the teeth can partly be attributed to Tet. Spindazzle. Mike describes the teeth as a “saw tooth” edge.  I’d agree that the edge of this daylily has a zigzag appearance.

A quick search of the database, A.S. Bell registered BUBBA’S SEMILOLE NATION in 1999. It is the first of seven registrations to date that use saw tooth or sawtooth in the registration description. I would have guessed more hybridizers would have used this term ”sawteeth” in their registration description. I wonder why more  hybridizers have not used it.

Tomorrow, Larry Welch on the daylily teeth blog. 


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