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Malcolm Brooker Jr. Seedling

Gerda Brooker sent over this daylily seedling image from her sons seedling bed. It is out of MALCOLM DAVID BROOKER SR.  I didn’t get the full cross but it is interesting that it has a rose color to it. Nice work Junior. Gerda next time you talk to Junior, ask if if he’d share with the group the cross.

This  upcoming week, is open week. If you have a daylily image or two you’d like to share, send it over. We’d love to see it. You are also welcome to send in your thoughts.

Next week after the MWS, I want to move the conversation toward Southern Daylily Teeth. We’ve touched on FORTUNES DEAREST a little bit. But now I’d like to expand the discussion about its importance in daylily hybridizing. 


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