Heavenly Pastel, Brother Charles Reckamp, on the daylily teeth blog

HeavenlyPastel1lg Heavenly Pastel, Brother Charles Reckamp, on the daylily teeth blog

Heavenly Pastel

Heavenly Pastel 

Heavenly Pastel (Reckamp-Klehm, 1993)is a Reckamp cultivar that few people know that I believe has good potential for toothy breeding.  This one bears a 1993 seedling number (BC93-39) so it presumably bloomed and was selected before Ruffled Strawberry Parfait (BC93-52)that year.  To date there have been no kids registered out of Heavenly Pastel and I’m not sure when it was first offered for sale despite its registration year.

Heavenly Pastel is a little 4″ very waxy, orchid pink pastel blend that has horns or tusks on its gold edge.  I just love the flower but my plant remains around 3 or 4 fans after having it for 5 years or more.  It is both pod and pollen fertile.  Most of my crosses with it have been with gold edged cultivars and I’ve only made a few limited crosses with toothy cultivars.  The seedling attached crossed with pollen from Annette’s Magic (Ed Brown × Forestlake Ragamuffin) shows a definate toothy edge that might be more dramatic in a warmer zone. 

There were 7 Reckamp cultivars registered in 1993, 5 in 1994 , 1 in 1996 and then none until 40 were registered in 2003 including some that were previously released.

Clearly there was some catching up on the registration process in 2003! In fact one was registered in 2008 that was previously released and missed. 

The last 5 selected cultivars by Brother Charles bear 1995 seedling numbers.  Brother Charles passed away in May 1996 at the age of 91 after battling skin cancer for 10 years so he did not get to see his seedlings that final year.  This should remind us all to wear sun protection when working long hours in the garden.  Those last 5 selects were registered in 2003 and include Harvest Moth, Good Morning Beautiful Day, Hallelujah Joy, Royal Honor and She’s Got Legs.  All of these are good tall plants that show the occasional tooth and have barely been used for breeding.  Some of these are relatively narrow so could be used in toothy UF programs.

Next Up – Wide Awake on the daylily teeth blog. 

Dave Mussar, Puslinch, Ontario

HeavenlyPastelxAnnettesMagic1lg Heavenly Pastel, Brother Charles Reckamp, on the daylily teeth blog

HeavenlyPastel x AnnettesMagic

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