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TechnyPeachLace Techny Peach Lace, Brother Charles Reckamp, Daylily Teeth Blog
Techny Peach Lace

Part 4 – Techny Peach Lace 

Techny Peach Lace was the last Reckamp cultivar to win an HM (2000) until Techny Spider did so in 2010.  It also ranks amongst the more frequently used Reckamp cultivars in recent years.  Techny Peack Lace (Reckamp-Klehm, 1988)is a cross of seedling x Peace Sweet Peace.  Peace Sweet Peace is one of the 5 Reckamp cultivars out of My Sunshine (parent of Startle) so clearly Techny Peach Lace carries toothy genetics.  However when you look up the kids out of it there are very few that have been crossed with edged much less toothy cultivars.  Techny Peach Lace is best known for throwing good scapes and as a bouquet bloomer (tendancy to open several blooms at once). 

In my zone 4/5 garden I see the occasional tooth on Techny Peach Lace but I think in the right cross you can get something quite toothy.  I find it a hard pod parent but there are several registrations with it as a pod parent so it can be done. 

Next, a Reckamp you may not know but should – Ruffled Bouquet Deluxe. 

Dave Mussar

Puslinch, Ontario

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