Forestlake Ragamuffin, Part 10 David Hansen

7T48A 5T2A x Who Dey 7 10 09 Forestlake Ragamuffin, Part 10 David Hansen
David Hansen seedling

Welcome back. We attended the  Midwest Hybridizers image presentation meeting this Saturday.  Hundreds of new seedlings were shown by the novice hybridizers to the experienced hybridizers. Not surprisingly,  many of the hybridizers presented daylilies with teeth.  Furthermore, FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN was in many of the indirect and direct crosses of the teeth seedlings they displayed.  I think it still may be a good cross if teeth hybridizers re-employ FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN in their hybridizing over the next several years.

Backyard hybridizer, David Hansen of Nebraska sent me this extreme edge cross last week. 7T78A — [(Annette's Magic x Horny Devil) X Who Dey!].  ANNETE’S MAGIC (ED BROWN x FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN) was hybridized by John Rice. HORNY DEVIL ((Forestlake Ragamuffin × Antique Wizard) × Antique Wizard) was hybridized by Lee Pickles. ANTIQUE WIZARD  is out of Salter’s WISEST OF WIZARDS.  WHO DEY! (Munson seedling x FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN) was hybridized by Mike Holmes (myself).  The preceding crosses are a time tested hybridizing technique that Steve Moldovan advocated, cross dormants with evergreens/semievergreens.    

 An  observation; many examples of FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN  extreme teeth daylilies involve TETRA SPINDAZZLE in the cross. I had assumed that it was the combination of these daylilies that produced the extreme teeth.  I now wonder if it is really FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN  that is responsible for the extreme teeth. Thanks David for your example!

 Tomorrow on the Daylily Blog we will look at a daylily that you might consider using with FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN…. 


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