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Just checked out Sandy’s intros. Trying for near white UFos, ROWENA YAEGER really has me all excited. I love LIGHTER SIDE OF LIFE, PEACH TEACUP and PEACOCK PLUMES. Then on the 2011 to be introduced, there was the fabulous near white and I did kind of a double take’ LUNAR MOTH’. I registered ‘CHESIERES LUNAR MOTH’ in 1994 when Unusual Forms weren’t in yet. At the time my goal was round and ruffled, but daylilies at our altitude (4000 ft.) in an alpine village simply did not do well. Chesieres is the name of our village and I use it as a prefix because people up here don’t garden, they come for skiing (sigh!). It is bad enough to to try and grow daylilies successfully at our altitude, but the interest in dayliles in Switzerland is practically zero. You can count addicts on one hand. CHESIERES LUNAR MOTH will probalby remain the only daylily of mine grown outside of this country and that only due to it being mentioned in the AHS booklet ‘Spiders and UFs’ and ‘the Daylily’ (Peat & Petit). Anyway, I am having a lot of fun doing my own thing and try to put daylilies into Swiss gardens. Diggin’ daylilies keep me in good shape!

Congratulations and best wishes to you and Sandy,


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