PIDS Visit

This past weekend we returned from a visit with the Pittsburg Daylily and Iris Society.
Jim Bob met us at the hotel Friday eve. and we spent the evening dining out with friends and followed up with a trip to the top of the hill overlooking Pittsburgh and the three rivers. I had always thought of Pittsburgh as a rusty city. I was sure wrong. I’ve never seen Pittsburgh’s evening sky lights before so my previous notions were quickly dispelled. The downtown Riverfront was vibrant with the movement of families, young and old. The bright lights of the city reflected on the waterfront creating a fixating view.
Their club hosts the Regional next summer , be sure to check the view out if you plan to attend.
Before the meeting Saturday , Jim Bob took us to the Phipps Conservatory for a guided walk given Lenny.
The conservatory was well worth the morning visit. We learned about the history of both the plants inside and construction of the site. As a bonus, the conservatory contains Chihuly glass. A beautiful chandelier graces the entrance.
At the meeting the attendees brought their favorite dishes in and shared with the membership before our presentation.
The food was very good and I hoped it wouldn’t put our guests to sleep during our presentations which were up next.
It didn’t. Sandy and I gave our presentations and we engaged in open discussion.
Thanks PIDS for your hospitality! Hope to see some of you soon.


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