R68-01 (Kyoto Swan: ((Snow Shadows X Carrara Marble) X Water Dragon: ((China Lake x Silver Sprite) X Purple Twilight Time))
32 to 34 inch scape, 6 inch flower, 3 to 4-way branching, 18 to 22 buds, D., Re.

Every once in a while, when things get chaotic, items get misplaced.  So was the case with H. Wizardís Wand.  
From its maiden bloom I was completely enamored with the simple elegance of this daylily.  
The form captivated me in that its flowing petals and
sepals emanate a sense of calm and serenity.  The coloration of this beauty is best described
as a pale lavender-purple with a halo of creamy, grayed lavender.  
The pale yellow throat bleeds up into the watermark further tying the overall presentation together.  
The throat on the sepals is wide enough as to give the impression of the sepal color being
more an edge than the base color.  The ruffling on H. Wizardís Wand is wavy and undulating and gives
the impression of the flower being gently blown in the wind.
 With the exemplary parentage from both Moldovan and Munson bloodlines including the AHS award
winning Kyoto Swan and China Lake how could this daylily not be a winner!  
Fertile both ways.  Limited stock. $100.00