Mike Holmes, 2007
02-100 (Munson seedling by Forestlake Ragamuffin)
Dor., mid., 31, 7, 39 budcount, 3 way branching plus terminal.
Several years ago we visited the Munson garden in Gainesville. There we acquired a daylily which we named Munson 1000 as a garden name. Munson collector, Mee Ying Wong now owns this daylily. It is a maroon in color and an UFo. A chance cross with Munson 1000 by FLR produced several introductions. WHO DEY! is one of the standout daylilies from this cross. Plant habit alone make WHO DEY! a valuable hybridizers tool and also an excellent display clump . The scapes are thick and sturdy with plenty of long bloom. The bloom last almost an entire month. Another bonus is that it breeds edges and teeth without any direct or semi-direct Tet. Spindazzle in the background.  And Hybridizers should be able to take WHO DEY! to purples and reds and get cleaner color first generation.
S.F. 100.00 Limited  Sold Out